Contract of employment

There are several clauses of an employment contract to consider carefully before signing it. 

Settlement Agreement

Where the contract of employment is terminated or is being terminated, settlement agreements are often used to settle employment issues because litigation are long and expensive. 

Dismissal Procedure / Unfair Dismissal / Employment Tribunal

ACAS code of practice sets out a disciplinary and grievance procedure that the employer in the UK is expected to comply with.

Collective Redundancy / Business Transfer

The UK laws on collective redundancies or TUPE give priority to the speed and the efficiency of the procedure.

Employee Handbook / Pay / Working Conditions

In  the UK, less than 30% of employees is covered by a collective  bargaining agreement; this figure falls to 16% if we consider only  private sector employees. For that reason, Employee Handbook is of  considerable importance within a company in the UK. 

Trade Union in the Company

In  the UK, the union membership rate amounts to 25% of employees  representing 6.4 million employees in 2014. The importance of unions  in a company in England is not to be overlooked because in addition to  the ability to negotiate the collective agreements, they often exercise  most of the powers devolved to the employee representatives in other European countries (eg works council).