Employment Law in France


Contract of Employment

The contract of employment in France must set out various clauses complying with the statutes, the applicable collective bargaining agreement and the employee handbook.

Dismissal Procedure

The dismissal of an employee is subjected to a formal procedure set out in  the French Code of Labour. The procedure has to comply with various time  limits 


The laws of collective redundancies in France focus on the powers afforded  to the employee representatives during the consultation procedure 

Termination by Mutual Agreement / Rupture Conventionnelle

The termination by agreement of an employment contract in French law (’rupture conventionnelle’)  differs from the one in English law because it is subjected to both a  formal procedure and the approval of the French labour administration  (i.e. DIRECCTE) 

French Employee Handbook

The content of the French employee handbook (ie "Règlement Intérieur") is  set out in the articles L. 1321-1 and L. 1321-2 of the French Code of  Labour.

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